Tires are the only parts of your vehicle that make direct contact with the road, and play an integral role in handling, braking, ride quality and safety. Regular inspections, balancing and rotations can extend their lifespan considerably. Knowing how your driving habits and environmental conditions impact tire wear is criticalContinue Reading

Vintage car enthusiasts admire the history and craftsmanship that vintage vehicles represent, taking great pleasure from driving one through traffic in its elegant beauty, transporting them back in time. Whether they enjoy leisurely drives on scenic routes or participating in vintage car rallies, their passion is unparalleled in owning andContinue Reading

Performing auto repair and maintenance is an important part of vehicle ownership. Keeping up with routine car maintenance will prevent more serious problems from cropping up. Not only does regular car maintenance make your car run better, but it can also keep you from driving for days or weeks, causingContinue Reading

Creating an auto repair business plan can be an extremely time-consuming process, but it can be one of the most rewarding ventures. Whether you have a passion for cars, have extensive experience or even have a background in the industry, your business plan will be crucial for getting financing. AfterContinue Reading

If you’ve been watching the auto repair industry trends, you’ve probably noticed that the average car is now 11.5 years old. While the number of new vehicles is increasing, more people are choosing to maintain and repair their vehicles themselves. Over the past decade, the average age of the vehicleContinue Reading

With the advancement in automotive technology, it’s never been easier to work on cars and get the repairs done quickly. Today, mechanics are able to create online scheduling systems. Customers simply type in their VIN, model, and preferred time to have the auto serviced. They’ll receive an email describing theContinue Reading