Vehicle autonomy marks a new phase of innovation in the automotive industry. Sensors, cameras, GPS tracking technology and artificial intelligence (AI) combine to form an autonomous car capable of operating without human assistance. This technology could revolutionize the auto industry, while opening up opportunities for dealerships. 1. Increased Safety AutonomousContinue Reading

Vintage car enthusiasts admire the history and craftsmanship that vintage vehicles represent, taking great pleasure from driving one through traffic in its elegant beauty, transporting them back in time. Whether they enjoy leisurely drives on scenic routes or participating in vintage car rallies, their passion is unparalleled in owning andContinue Reading

Planning a road trip requires selecting an appropriate car. An SUV that comfortably seats you and your passengers with entertainment features and advanced safety features will be ideal. If comfort is at the top of your priority list, the Buick Enclave makes an ideal choice. Its suspension system absorbs roadContinue Reading

The history of electric vehicles is a fascinating one. It has seen a number of ups and downs throughout the years, but they’ve made huge strides in the last few decades thanks to two events. The first electric car was created in 1835 by a British inventor, Robert Anderson. OthersContinue Reading

Innovations in Automotive Technology are an exciting part of the automotive industry. The advances in technology are making cars better, safer and more efficient. Some of the innovations are Autonomous vehicles, mixed models and the use of Infotainment systems. Connectivity Increasing consumer demand for mobile connectivity has led to newContinue Reading

Green driving means being responsible for the way you use your car. There are many ways to do this, including keeping your car well-maintained and using the right gear. It is also important to refuel wisely. Avoid slamming on the brakes If you are looking for a way to reduceContinue Reading

Whether you are a green advocate, an automaker, or just a car lover, you’ll want to know how much it costs to make electric vehicles. This is a question that has been asked repeatedly over the past few years. The answer is that there are many factors that go intoContinue Reading

Electric vehicles require specialized tires for safety and performance reasons. In addition to specialized tread patterns, EV tires also reduce road noise and offer enhanced traction. These vehicles are gaining popularity, and tire manufacturers have been working to create tires for them. They don’t need to be fundamentally different fromContinue Reading