Hybrid vehicles utilize both an internal combustion engine and electric motor to improve fuel efficiency, making this environmentally-friendly car technology one that requires both technologies for maximum effectiveness. This blog will explore its past, present, and future development. Are You Searching for an Eco-Friendly Vehicle Solution or Fuel Saving Options?Continue Reading

Technology has revolutionized the auto repair industry. No longer are the days of Uncle Bob teaching novice mechanics how to work on their cars with wrenches and pliers alone. Mechanists today require extensive training and specialized tools in order to deliver various services. Embarking on new technology offers mechanics theContinue Reading

Tires are the only parts of your vehicle that make direct contact with the road, and play an integral role in handling, braking, ride quality and safety. Regular inspections, balancing and rotations can extend their lifespan considerably. Knowing how your driving habits and environmental conditions impact tire wear is criticalContinue Reading

Vehicle autonomy marks a new phase of innovation in the automotive industry. Sensors, cameras, GPS tracking technology and artificial intelligence (AI) combine to form an autonomous car capable of operating without human assistance. This technology could revolutionize the auto industry, while opening up opportunities for dealerships. 1. Increased Safety AutonomousContinue Reading

The car’s history report can reveal a lot, but you should also do some visual inspections. Look for rust and paint bubbles under the car, especially in the lower door areas. Ask to take the vehicle for a test drive and try driving it at both city and highway speeds.Continue Reading