We have looked at some of the largest car insurance companies in the US and ranked them accordingly. Allstate ranked fourth, with a market share of 9% and an average six-month premium of $947. The fifth-ranked auto insurance company is USAA, with a market share of 6% and an averageContinue Reading

If you’ve been in an accident, the first step in the auto insurance claims process is to contact your insurance provider. You’ll want to call your insurance provider to discuss the details of your policy, and make sure they understand the situation well enough to advise you on the bestContinue Reading

The benefits of auto insurance are almost limitless. It protects you against unexpected expenses and provides peace of mind. For example, it covers damages triggered by pile-ups, falling tree branches, and vandalism. You don’t have to worry about paying out of pocket in case of an accident because you’re coveredContinue Reading

Auto Insurance Specialists has been offering insurance products for more than 35 years. This company offers an array of auto insurance plans, including motorcycle and classic car insurance, as well as extended auto warranties through their affiliations with partner companies. With over 300,000 satisfied customers and more than forty yearsContinue Reading

You can make payments for your auto insurance by using a checking account. Depending on the insurer, you can send paper checks or electronic checks. You’ll need the bank routing number and account number for electronic check deposits. To use an auto insurance checking deposit, you’ll need to provide theContinue Reading