The Similarities and Differences Between Automotive and Motorsport

In this article we’ll talk about the similarities and differences between automotive and motorsport. This combines several aspects that make one of the most important industries work: design, engineering, and manufacturing. Motorsport has a profound influence on the development of vehicles and is often used as a test bed for new designs. For example, motorsport helps automakers test aerodynamics and suspension systems. Most manufacturers have at least one motorsport team, so it is vital to understand how the motorsport teams influence their designs.

Interested in the world of motorsport and automotive engineering? If so, a Masters degree is the next logical step. An MSc in Automotive and Motorsport Engineering at Brunel University provides the hands-on experience and in-depth understanding of these industries that is essential for the development of highly advanced vehicles. After gaining the degree, students can work for world-class companies and motor racing teams, and become a part of a world-renowned industry.

The two-year foundation degree in automotive and motorsport prepares students for a rewarding career in the sector. Developed with industry experts, the programme will train students for senior roles in automotive engineering, vehicle design, and motorsport. Students can also enter research and quality assurance in the sector. The North West is the second largest automotive manufacturing region in the UK. The industry provides job opportunities for graduates who are passionate about automotive and motorsport. This unique combination of motorsport and engineering careers is a great way to start your career.

The course is taught by professionals who have worked with motorsport teams, and includes simulation of aerodynamics and testing components. The two-year motorsport course includes a foundation year for students who don’t have the necessary qualifications to take on a four-year programme. The course is fully accredited by the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, which is the precursor to Chartered Engineer status. There is no limit to the potential of the Automotive and Motorsport Engineering degree to inspire the future of the industry.

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