The Best Ways to Keep Your Car’s Interior Clean and Fresh

Cleaning up the interior of your car is easier than you might think. Use these straightforward tricks to keep it looking new (and feeling refreshed) every time you take the wheel.

Begin by collecting any trash that has accumulated between seats, in the console or on the floor with a small sealed container. Doing this will prevent it from spreading throughout your vehicle and creating an accumulation of particles and grime.

1. Vacuum It Up

Maintaining your car’s interior cleanliness is an essential step to keep it looking and smelling new. It’s especially critical if you have kids or pets in the vehicle, as they tend to make more messes than expected.

Vacuum up every square inch of your interior: doors, dashboard, seat belt straps and carpet under seats and around pedals. Don’t forget to vacuum around vents and other hard-to-reach places too!

When vacuuming, always remember to pick up any small items that get sucked up by the vacuum and put them back where they belong – like in a bag. Not only is this safer but you’ll prevent damage to either your vacuum or car’s motor.

Every week, taking a few moments to clean all the corners and crevices in your car can do wonders for its appearance and feel. To make things even easier, consider investing in an specialized detailing kit with crevice tools tailored specifically for your vehicle.

2. Sweep It Up

Your car’s interior can quickly become a disorganized mess. Pet hair, crumbs from snacks, and other debris accumulate over time and create an unpleasant ambiance.

Christian Newman of C & J Automotive Detailing recommends that you clean your car’s interior as often as possible. He suggests doing this at least once a month for optimal cleanliness and maintenance.

Start by sweeping your car’s seats and floor mats before vacuuming them. Dirt and other particles often accumulate under these items, making it easier to clean them later.

Family Handyman recommends using a broom to dust and wipe down hard-to-reach places. Sweep in circular motion to get into crevices like dashboards, door jambs, and other hard-to-reach places.

A handheld vacuum can effectively clean away pet hair, crumbs and other particles that accumulate on the floor of your car. It’s essential if you want to keep the interior of your vehicle looking its best.

3. Wipe It Down

Your home may have a weekly cleaning routine, but your car’s interior can become an unsanitary breeding ground for dog hair, snack crumbs and sticky residue. Not only that but it’s also home to germs and bacteria so it’s essential to regularly wipe down the inside of your vehicle as well.

Begin by clearing away any trash in your vehicle, particularly anything that won’t be recycled. Place it all into one trash bag and then gather up other items that won’t fit anywhere else such as old clothes or household linens you no longer need.

After collecting everything, wipe down the dashboard and other non-glass surfaces with a clean cloth and some soapy water to get rid of dirt, grime, and fingerprints. For stubborn stains you may use vinegar or baking soda; repeat this process frequently for your car to stay cleaner longer and be easier to maintain.

4. Dry It Up

If you leave your car’s windows or roof open during a rain storm, the interior can become wet. To prevent ruination or the development of stains or water spots on the interior, it is essential to dry your car quickly and thoroughly after each drive.

The initial step to drying your car’s interior is to wipe down all wet surfaces. This will help remove excess water and prevent musty odors or mold from developing in your vehicle’s upholstery or carpeting.

Next, install electric fans (two if possible) at each door to quickly dry your car and eliminate any remaining moisture. This will expedite the drying process and make it much simpler to remove all remaining liquids.

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