Cheapest EVs for 2022

If you’re wondering what the cheapest electric vehicles will be by 2022, there are some options available. The Chevy Bolt and Ford Expedition are among the most affordable EVs available. Both models come with dual motor four-wheel drive and are offered with a long-range battery pack and 230 or 300 miles of range, respectively. The Chevy Bolt also comes with a dual-level charging cord that allows you to plug in the vehicle to a 120-volt home outlet or a 240-volt home outlet. If you’re looking for a pickup truck, you can opt for the latter, since it’s a more efficient and powerful model.

The 280-mile range of the 2022 Volkswagen ID.4 is an impressive feat, but it’s not possible to get one for less than $50k. The car costs $61,565 before the federal tax credit and it takes about four months from reservation to delivery. To make EV ownership more affordable, the federal government introduced a $7,500 tax credit. However, it’s not fully refundable, but some states also offer additional tax credits for buying an electric car.

The Nissan LEAF is another affordable electric car. The Leaf Plus features a 62-kWh battery and a 214-horsepower motor. It’s available in three trim levels, with the base model starting at just under $40,000. A 230-volt portable charger is included in the price of the LEAF. While the base trim has the longest range, the lower trims have a slightly shorter range.

The Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV is another affordable electric car. At $41,285, this sedan is a great starter vehicle for EV owners. The EPA range of this model is 232 miles, but it’s not quite as impressive as the Bolt EV. However, it still has plenty of technology to impress even the most skeptical drivers. The Niro EV also comes with a seven-year warranty and updated 2023 model.

The entry-level Model S comes with a small 24 kWh battery pack and a 93 hp electric motor. However, given the high expectations for the performance of EVs, this entry-level model may disappoint EV buyers. The EV6 comes with a range of around 2,000 miles. The GT will have a higher range than the Leaf S, but will cost much less than the Nissan Leaf S.

The Chevrolet Bolt EV, meanwhile, is one of the cheapest electric cars available. The Chevy Bolt’s price is only $27,590, which makes it a cheap alternative to the Nissan LEAF. It’s also gaining some competition, with established automakers switching to electric vehicles and new EV manufacturers coming up with unique designs. But which electric vehicle is the best buy? Keep reading to learn what’s available.

Mazda is another EV contender. The MX-30 has a funky rear door and a sleek design. However, it lacks range compared to the Bolt. The company is currently selling the Bolt EUV in California. It’s not a mass market EV, but it’s priced lower than the Bolt and offers more driving range for less money. However, both cars have a lot of competition for the cheapest EVs of 2022.

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