How to Wax and Detail Your Motorcycle for a Shiny Finish

Bike paint can quickly become covered in microscopic grime such as tree sap, tar, water deposits and more. Simple washing alone won’t remove this buildup and could actually harm its finish over time.

Waxing is an essential step to keeping your motorcycle looking its best. Apply a small amount of wax product onto a quality microfiber towel and buff until a haze forms (according to its specific instructions). This will protect its paintwork.


If your motorcycle features glossy paintwork, waxing it regularly can enhance and preserve its natural beauty while helping prevent future damage.

Since bicycles feature numerous crevices and exposed components, dirt can easily get caked into their paint, chrome, and plastic components. A quality wax such as DP Max Wax Carnauba Paste Wax or Pinnacle Radiance Liquid Carnauba Wax will seal these surfaces to help extend their clean state for longer.

Motorcycle’s metal parts require polishes designed specifically to bring out their shine; such as Turtle Wax All Metal Polish or uncoated aluminum (such as Aluminum Polish), as well as protection with quality wax ( such as Griot’s Garage Micro Fiber Wax Removal Towel). Once polished and protected with such wax (such as Griot’s Garage Micro Fiber Wax Removal Towel) these areas should stay looking their best while being less susceptible to corrosion.


Polishing your motorcycle’s finish can make a dramatic difference to its aesthetic appeal. By selecting an appropriate polish for its construction and using it on its surface, blemishes such as scuff marks and swirl marks will be removed as well as used to fill minor paint damage spots.

Once your polish has dried to a haze, simply buff it away with a microfiber towel for a gleaming shine. If you want to protect it even further and increase its brilliance further, apply a layer of motorcycle-specific wax.

A durable motorcycle-specific wax will provide your bike with years of beautiful shine and keep it looking its best. A popular option is DP’s S100 carnauba paste wax, created by professional detailers and rigorously tested in America’s harsh environments. Simply spread a small amount onto a clean cloth or foam pad and rub evenly across its entirety until it dries to a haze; once dry wipe it away using a microfiber cloth for a lasting sheen that will stay put!


As with cars, motorcycles need regular wax jobs to protect their paint and create that sleek finish. A high-quality wax will extend its life for years!

Once your bike has been cleaned and polished, the final step should be to apply a coat of motorcycle-specific wax as protection from road contaminants and to preserve its shine. Doing this will ensure it retains its shine for longer.

If your motorcycle has some scratches or swirl marks from prior use, use a rubbing compound designed for this purpose to buff until the paint is clear. When dry, use a microfiber towel and apply some motorcycle specific wax for an eye-catching shine that lasts.

To give your motorcycle that final touch and protect it against the elements, spray Turtle Wax Dash & Glass onto its windshield and controls. Let it soak in, and then use a microfiber towel to wipe off any overspray or dust that has settled onto them.

Final Detail

Detailing a bike requires time and hard work, but can make an enormous difference to its look and functionality. Doing it forces the owner to get up close and personal with their machine while providing them with an opportunity to inspect for loose or broken fasteners that might need fixing.

Motorcycles differ from cars in that they contain sensitive components such as air filters and exposed electrics that may become susceptible to corrosion over time, necessitating periodic cleaning to protect its sensitive parts from being affected by this corrosion. To combat this risk, every motorcycle needs to be appropriately maintained.

After giving the bike a thorough wash and polish, wax should be used to protect all of its hard work and give it that gorgeous showroom shine. An excellent product to consider for this is DP Max Wax; using polymers and fine carnauba wax it provides deep shine that lasts. Developed by professional detailers with extensive research behind it; loved by motorcycle/motorsport enthusiasts worldwide and will leave your paint looking show-bike clean.

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